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Dental Health

Good dental health is a basic expectation of all Australians. But what is good dental health?

Simply, it is the absence of disease in the oral cavity, and is something we should all aim to attain. It means that an individual can go about their day-to-day activities without discomfort or embarrassment. It is important to recognise that having good dental health also positively impacts your general health.

family brushing teeth in Sydney

Six tips to help you attain good dental health

1. Limit sugary food and drinks

Food items that are high in sugar are more likely to predispose your teeth to dental cavities. Try and have sweet and sticky items at main meal times and avoid grazing on these items during other times.

4. Brush your teeth twice a day

Between meals plaque (food particles and bacteria) develops on your teeth surfaces and gums. Brushing your teeth and gums helps remove this plaque and keeps your teeth feeling smooth.

2. Pick healthy food options

Eat a variety of nutritious food from the five main food groups; including; fruit, vegetables, grains and cereals, dairy, lean meat, fish and eggs.

3. Drink plenty of tap water

Tap water is widely fluoridated in Sydney. Having fluoride in your water has a preventative effect on developing tooth decay.

5. Use floss every day

It is very hard to clean between your teeth using only a toothbrush. Unfortunately these hard to reach areas are where it is most common for tooth decay to occur. Disturbing the plaque in this area with daily flossing is the best way to protect these surfaces.

6. See a general dentist regularly for your annual check-ups

General dentists are experts at looking after you and your family’s dental health. Seeing them regularly means they can catch problems before they become too big and require more complex treatment.

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