Root Canal Therapy in Sydney

This is a conservative procedure used to save teeth. It is a commonly performed dental treatment and has documented success rates of over 90%. A well-performed root canal will allow a tooth to function normally, and retain its natural aesthetics, saving the tooth from extraction.

The benefits of keeping your natural tooth are that it will always feel and perform better than a denture or an implant. This may save you future dentist costs and possible surgery. At a tooth’s center is the pulp. The pulp is made up of blood vessels that help build the tooth.
The pulp can be harmed and infected by events such as dental trauma, deep decay, cracks and chips, or repeated dental procedures.
Signs of a pulp infection occurring are pain in the tooth and gums, sensitivity to temperature, swelling of the gums or face. If you experience the symptoms described above, your dentist will likely recommend root canal treatment. This therapy will remove the diseased pulp and clean and seal the root canal system. The treatment can be completed in one or two visits depending on the difficulty of the case and is best undertaken by Dr Yoganathan, a qualified root canal specialist available to you here in Norwest, Sydney.

Once root canal treatment is completed, the record of your treatment is sent to your restorative dentist. You will attend their office for a follow-up restoration within a few weeks of treatment completion at our office. The restorative dentist will decide on what type of restoration is necessary to protect your tooth.

To work towards helping achieve best patient outcomes, Varayini is pleased to discuss or answer any questions you have regarding complicated cases.