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Implant Surgery in the Aesthetic Zone

Periodontal Case Study

Early implant placement with simultaneous GBR
Aesthetic outcomes with dental implants are increasingly becoming a critical issue. Some variables for success includes the 3-dimensional implant positioning. Furthermore, the timing and sequence of treatment can also play an important factor in the final aesthetic result.

The patient above presented with a failing right central incisor (21). The tooth was extracted with an atraumatic technique and due to the presence of the infection, the socket was carefully curetted and allowed to heal for 8 weeks. A protocol for type II placement (early placement within 4-8 weeks of the extraction) was chosen as this would permit predictable augmentation of the buccal hard tissue. The implant was allowed to heal via primary wound close and was exposed after 3 months via a pedicle flap. The crown was fabricated 1 month later. The patient was happy with the final result.