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Australian Dental Specialists

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Australian Dental Specialists is a multidisciplinary specialist practice providing world class Endodontic, Periodontal & Prosthodontic services.

Using the latest treatments and most technological advances, we work with our dentists and patients to ensure the best possible outcomes for specialist dental treatments in Sydney, in a relaxed and modern environment. Our specialists are highly trained and experienced with an unwavering commitment to professional excellence in patient care. We are conveniently located in the Norwest Business Park for any Endodontic, Periodontal or Prosthodontic therapy needs in Sydney.

tooth icon root canal therapy

Root canal therapy is a conservative procedure undertaken by an endodontist to save teeth. It is a commonly performed dental treatment and has a high rate of success.

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Periodontal therapy is treatment used to save your gums & teeth. Periodontists are specialists at placing dental implants which can be used to replace missing teeth.

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Prosthodontic therapy is treatment concerned with the restoration and replacement of lost or damaged teeth.

What is a dental specialist?
Do I need to see one?

Your dentist may recommend that you to see a dental specialist if you require a complicated dental procedure. Dental specialists have three additional years of training at University in addition to the training they received as a dentist. They use this extra time to hone their skills and become highly specialised at challenging dental treatments such as root canal therapy, complex periodontal management, and dental implants.

Our dental specialists will work alongside your dentists to help you achieve the best possible results for your teeth.

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